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Premium HVAC service customer service management software. Low price leader in plumbing service software field service software . Innovative powerful service dispatch and work order management.

OnePlus Service Systems, Affordable customer service software designed for HVAC service and plumbing service. Manage customer service, service dispatching, inventory bar coding, purchase orders, paperless invoicing, customer equipment warranties, service agreements.

What a crazy summer we had having in Atlanta, Georgia. April, May and Juneís temperature were well below normal with above normal rain fall. How are you suppose to do PM visits in that kind of weather?

Lets start with defining what Preventative Maintenance means.

Preventative Maintenance is service performed on a piece of equipment in an effort to have the equipment perform at optimal performance during extreme weather conditions. It will save money, increase the life span of the equipment and hopefully prevent a breakdown of the equipment during the peak season.

How do you Prevent The Overload in Peak Season?

The first step is to have everyone in your company completely understand the benefits of each service agreement your company offers. Have cue cards with the benefits next to each phone throughout the entire company.

Second, keep your customer informed when the weather is not cooperating with normal PM scheduling so they will not be surprised when scheduling gets tight during peak season. A quick letter, post card or phone call explaining that the weather is preventing your company from performing their PM visits will help to calm nerves when the weather peaks.

Third, having a smooth system in place for tracking PM is a must... We all have heard the saying ďGet your ducks in a row." Well, that is exactly what you need to do. Who needs a PM check? What PMís have already been performed? When are we going to be in a certain area? And, who is up for renewal?

Getting Your Ducks in A Row

There are several service dispatch software packages that will track service agreements adequately. But, who wants to be adequate? Letís make some money! Service Agreements help balance the work load and even out profits during the off season. So, let's cash in on this gold mine.

Start with planning on how you want to schedule the visits. Sort your customers from by sub-division. Inform the customer that your technician will be in their area on a certain day and would they like morning or afternoon. You will be surprised on the positive response.

Next rotate your technicians from regular service to PM service so that their productivity is equally affected. This will also give them a refresher coarse on customer service under more relaxed conditions.

Last but not least, keep the customerís informed. If you are running behind a month or so, let them know. Remember these are your preferred customers. Make them feel important by making that extra effort.

Sell, Sell, SellÖ

It always amazes me when I ask customer service representative and dispatcher how many contracts they sell each month and they say NONE. Why not a sell? It is so simple. When you have them on the phone and notice they do not have a service agreement inform them of the benefits of your service agreement plans. Get those cue cards out and use them. If they do not take the bait right away then make sure the technician knows that they do not have an agreement and he should try a second time. Then, each month run a report showing who had service during that month who does not have a service agreement and send them a letter.

Keep Your Company Name In Your Customersí Minds

Do not even give your customers the chance to remember who installed their equipment. Remind them again and again. A service plan will eliminate this problem, but when there is no agreement take a proactive approach.

Money In Your Current Client Base

Your current customerís already trust you and sooner or later they will need additional equipment. A service agreement is a way to get a lock on this customer base so that your competitor will keep their hands off. Make sure you keep them informed or your new products and services that are offered. If you perform multiple trade services make sure that they are aware of each and every service your company can perform. Statistics show that people like to spend money with people they have already spent money with



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