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  1. Question This is our first attempt at becoming computerized.  Do we need a lot of computer experience?

    Answer OnePlus requires only basic knowledge of computers and is easy to install, setup and to use.  After the installation and a few minutes of setup, you can immediately start entering your customers and dispatching your technicians using the default codes supplied.
  2. Question  All of the HVAC software I have reviewed seems to emphasize accounting.  All I want to do is
    track my customers, service calls, equipment and dispatch my technicians. Why OnePlus is  different?

    Answer  OnePlus is different because it was designed to manage your customer service, enter service calls,
    track customer history,  track equipment, track service agreements, manage PM visits, dispatch your technicians
    and above all manage your service and installation departments.  We let your accounting package handle the
    counting of your money.
  3. Question  I have been using another service software package for years.  Even though I am not happy with it,
    it contains all my customers and other information.  Will I lose all that data entry and information?

    Answer No!  In most cases a complete data conversion can be done for an additional  programming fee.
  4. Question  Every software manual I have ever looked at is very confusing.  Does OnePlus Service avoid a
    confusing manual or requires hours of expensive training?

    Answer OnePlus is definitely easy to use.  There is a simple “How To” booklet, Plus, we offer training to fit your needs.
    It’s just that simple!
  5. Question  Are there any limitations to the number of customers, service calls, equipment,
    service agreements that can be entered?

    Answer That’s the wonderful thing about , there is no limit as to how much data you enter.
    You will be able to enter as much information as your computer’s hard drive can store.
  6. Question  My current service management software forces me to run my business its way.  I have a unique service
    business and need to conduct it in a particular way.  How will OnePlus Service meet my needs?

    Answer All companies conduct business in a slightly different manner and  OnePlus gives you the tools
    to manage your business your way.  OnePlus is designed to be a template for all contractors from HVAC service,
    plumbing service, electrical, appliance to fire sprinkler, tool repair and security systems.  OnePlus Service will fit your needs!
  7. Question  All of our computers are old, will OnePlus run on our systems?

    Answer Yes, But you will not be happy with the performance, the system will crawl.
    For optimum performance, each computer should be at least a Pentium 4 or better, 2 ghz
     or better, with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. 
  8. Question  I have one computer now and plan on adding two more this year. 
    Will OnePlus run on a network and if so, which ones?

    Answer Yes, OnePlus can be networked. OnePlus supports all of the existing Windows 7, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows Servers including Terminal Services.
  9. Question  What about using Microsoft Office?

    Answer  By using Microsoft Office you have the ability to link all data entered into OnePlus Service
    into Microsoft Access for reporting, Excel for spread sheets and Word to run merge letters and labels.
  10. Question  This sounds great!  But is it affordable?  I am only a two truck company?

    Answer  An easy, affordable solution for managing your business.
  11. Question  Why did you decide to develop a service/dispatch package?

    Answer To share our experiences and successes with companies like yours. Our partners have over 25 years
    experience and have been in the trenches of every facet of the service industry, from field technician to
    customer service management and service dispatching, to contract manager and even a part owner of a multiple trade service company.
    We understand residential and commercial HVAC service, Plumbing service, Electrical, Appliance and other service
    based businesses.  We have walked in your shoes!

Question  How do I find out more?

Answer Call (770) 921-6648. Contact Us

We would be happy to schedule an on-line demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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