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Our One Stop products and services include OnePlus Service 2014, our premium service management software program; CSM  Customer Service Management Software  Training and Implementation; Service and Consultation; Field Service Plumbing Service Software

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OnePlus Service 2014 is a scalable, flexible customer service management program that is essential for tracking and managing every detail of your  HVAC Plumbing Appliance service organization. It provides quick access to vital customer service information, efficient service dispatching, invoicing with automated inventory depletion, automatic scheduling of service agreement visits and in-depth tracking of customer historical information. Moreover, OnePlus Service 2014 will streamline your time-consuming business practices, reduce paperwork, eliminate duplicate data entry and give you all the vital information needed to run a profitable service business.


From a single screen, you can look up a customer, enter a new service call, enter a new customer and view all information for the customer including preferred technician, payment history, equipment, contracts and more. Locate an existing customer by looking up by name, address, phone, invoice number, equipment model, equipment serial number and nine other ways. Quickly make changes to existing customer information including billing information.

To accelerate data entry, OnePlus uses default values for many fields. During the initial setup of OnePlus, you will choose the proper defaults for your service business. At any time, you can make changes to the defaults and the system setup codes. The setup codes and defaults range from technician to such items as call types, call problem, pay type, call priority and dispatch board position.


In many service businesses, it is common to have residential and commercial accounts. OnePlus was designed to keep accurate service location specific information including address, contact, phone number, contracts and equipment. Without losing any valuable service history information, changes can be made quickly to the service location and billing information after the house is sold.

Tracking multiple service locations

for commercial accounts is an intricate part of OnePlus. You have the ability to invoice and send statements with the click of the mouse. Have you ever needed a summation of service history for a commercial account and spent hours looking through the files for all the information? With OnePlus Service 2014, you can eliminate this time-consuming job by easily generating a detailed or summarized service history for your commercial accounts.


Unlike most service management software programs, OnePlus does not restrict you to one dispatch board. With our program, your dispatchers can choose from many different dispatch boards. Each board looks and sorts a different way and will give you and your employees more flexibility for viewing scheduled service work.

Complete a call and invoice, assign a purchase order, change service call scheduled date, change assigned technician, timestamp the technician’s movements and more can all be accomplished from any of the dispatch boards. A separate sales lead dispatch board is also available in OnePlus for greater flexibility in your business environment.


Realizing that every business has various invoicing situations, we have incorporated the ability for any business to invoice out of OnePlus. You can process invoices using time and material and/or flat rate; you can charge tax or show as tax exempt; you can deplete inventory stock during invoicing; you can attach a purchase order to the service call and the system will apply the material to the call; you can use phase billing while keeping the call open. Additionally, you can bill third parties for warranty work and create commercial invoices and statements.

In addition, our accounting interfaces eliminate double entry. Invoice out of OnePlus Service 2014 and send the invoice charges broken down by GL accounts to your accounting program. We presently have interfaces to Peachtree Quickbooks and Great Plains Dynamics. Contact us for more information and interface pricing.


Using wireless communication technologies, OnePlus Service Systems service management software allows interactive communication between field personnel and the office. Using advanced technology, OnePlus Service 2014 can greatly reduce personnel wasted time on the phone. More time can be devoted to your biggest asset, your customer!

Dispatchers and any inside personnel can send vital information to field personnel with a few clicks of the mouse. NO extra modules to purchase  everything you need to communicate with field personnel using any alpha numeric pagers and text messaging devices is already in OnePlus Service 2014. Communicate with pagers, cell phone text messaging, email capable devices and any other text messaging device.

Reduce wasted time that is spent using normal communication procedures
With a few clicks of the mouse, send service call information to field personnel
Field personnel can respond to messages quickly
Dispatchers can be notified immediately: of the field tech’s location; what parts are needed to complete the work; if a purchase order is needed; when work is completed; if technician needs another call; etc.
Send quotation requests to salespeople whether in the office or in the field


OnePlus has unlimited capabilities for tracking your service inventory. If you want to setup truck level inventories, OnePlus makes it easy with a truck duplication feature. Track inventory depletion, shrinkage and usage. Generate inventory-restocking reports quickly. Assign purchase orders for stock items; receive the items; and OnePlus will “restock” the appropriate inventory.

Within OnePlus, you can use pricing markups, denote whether material is taxable or not, view previous purchases, transfer equipment to a customer and generate inventory value reports. Additionally track floor plan equipment for quick evaluation of supplier’s invoice.


Service contracts agreements can be a lifeline for service businesses. But tracking and scheduling them can be a time consuming project. With OnePlus, you can properly manage and maintain all of your service contracts agreements. You will have a greater ability to maximize revenue for every contract while easily managing the job.

From the initial quotation to invoicing to scheduling, OnePlus comprehensive Contract feature manages contract visits and invoicing effectively. This will eliminate the nightmare of a manual approach.

Service Contract Service Agreement renewals can be a complicated process every month and a paperwork disaster. With detailed customer service history information, you can actively pursue businesses to renew their contracts and continue to keep them as loyal customers. OnePlus will also allow you to capture cancellation details so you will be able to gather important information on why customers are canceling their contracts. Management can determine solutions and keep a steady revenue stream with service agreement renewals.

COMMERCIAL SERVICE AGREEMENTS Often a commercial service agreement covers several service locations. With OnePlus, you can have unlimited service locations covered under one contract. Monthly statements can be quickly generated with detailed or summarized service history. Additionally, each commercial service location can be covered by a different service agreement with covered equipment denoted.


With OnePlus there are no limitations on the number of contract types, options, tasks or discounts. Contract types can be set with the contract duration and visits covered. With this information, OnePlus will automate many previous contract tasks. Apply contract discounts on time and material and the program will apply these discounts for you.


Your customers rely on your company to not only service their equipment but also to keep accurate details about every piece of equipment serviced at their sites. This can include historical information, parts replaced, preventive maintenance visits and warranty information. With OnePlus Service 2014, you can have rapid access to all equipment maintenance information as well as look up equipment by model or serial number.

The Equipment Maintenance feature of OnePlus Service 2014 is the most complete and comprehensive version yet. Automate your work order process and execute all your maintenance/service procedures with maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re entering a new piece of equipment on-the-fly or performing look ups, OnePlus will make the process easier. From a single screen, you can enter your customer’s existing or new equipment information and view equipment details and other information such as warranty, preventive maintenance visits and service history. Also, you can track additional warranties such as manufacturer’s and extended warranties.

OnePlus Service 2014 makes it easy to keep a complete equipment history for each of your customers. With detailed tracking information at your fingertips  including manufacturer/model information, serial numbers, warranty status, call history and complete performance records of all equipment  you can better manage your service business. If a customer asks about a piece of equipment and when it was serviced the last time, you can easily look it up and provide the customer with information instantly. Some pieces of equipment may have many detailed components. Equipment fields allow you to record details such as installation date, replacement parts, warranty, and purchase price.

Assigning specific tasks and contracts to equipment is quick with OnePlus Service 2014. Accelerate data entry with user defined standard tasks lists and generate work orders for field check lists. You can access service call history, customer information and customer equipment information in moments for reference or for additional entry.

OnePlus Service 2014 makes it easy to keep a complete, accurate history of all work orders, equipment and service locations. Retrieve detail and summarized reports with a few clicks of the mouse. With OnePlus Service 2014, you will be able to offer your customers the best in personalized service and maximum flexibility.


OnePlus Service Systems is committed to helping you grow your business and gain control of your Customer Service Management, CSM. Together with our decades of experience in the service industry and our products and services, we will make technology work for you. Let us help you maximize your company's productivity!


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